We Bring Out the Creative in People Who Create Apps.

DevOps-ready app development

Our Story

We don't just develop apps.
We help realize ideas that make an impact.

What we do.

We're here to deliver more than great apps. Our mission is to help you build the capacity, infrastructure, and engagement you will need to create person-centered data integrated applications.

Why we're here.

Our job is to provide you with the resources you will need to successfully develop, implement, and scale your ideas. From helping you envision a concept to ensuring the right tools and people are in place so that your app will thrive, we can provide support and expertise at every stage of the development life cycle.

What we believe in.

We know how important relationships and communication are to sustaining buy-in, staying the course, meeting expectations, and ceasing opportunities for improvement. We value people and believe that great ideas and innovations happen through collaboration and connectivity.

Design & Innovate

What We Do

Let's make something.

App Development

We are full stack developers specializing in .NET Core, Angular, Microsoft Azure, Microsoft SQL Server, and NativeScript.

Enterprise Architecture

We use the 12-Factor App methodology and microservices architecture principles to build SaaS apps that are scalable, resilient, portable, automative, and continuously deployable.

Organizational Development

We take a DevOps approach to building continuous cross-functionality, collaboration, and communication between Development, Operations, BI, and QA.

Project Management

We help teams with applying the right agile and lean project management best practices and tools for their organization.


We offer on-demand consulting for enterprise architecture, app development, UI/UX, organizational development, and agile and lean project management.


We provide a range of trainings, from beginning to advance, in .NET Core, Angular, Azure, NativeScript, SQL Server, and other technologies and tools.

Our Work

From the vision board to development.
The ideas are endless.

Second Opinion
2nd Opinion

Health Care


Health Care

Circle of Care
Circle of Care


You Can Meet Me
You Can Meet Me


Our Approach

We offer a range of full stack
development and consulting services.


Define the vision and scope of your app concept. Anticipate and plan for organizational and infrastructure needs. We'll help you mobilize the right resources for your project.


Diagram the architecture and review which options make the most sense for your business needs. We'll help you create a roadmap with a SMART release schedule, and clear user stories and acceptance criteria.


Create mockups, rapid prototypes, and functional demos early and often (normally at each sprint planning meeting). Continuous development and integration. We build apps with you.


Testing, QA, and deployment. Since you have been a part of the development process, you know exactly what is being built and how far along we are.

Our Services

Architecture, Prototyping, Development, & Deployment.

Simple App

$20,000 - $40,000

  • Up to 4 screens
  • Serves one basic function
  • No database

Database/API App

$70,000 - $100,000

  • 4-10 screens
  • Web services
  • SQL Server database

Enterprise App

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  • Unlimited screens
  • Unlimited web services
  • Unlimited databases

Business Development

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  • Consulting and QI
  • Unlimited development
  • On-demand support

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